Many years ago in a children's camp in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Jane Shaw Ward began telling stories about the Tajar. First published in 1925, Tajar Tales was given to my father and his sister, and immediately became their favorite storybook. Dad read the Tajar Tales to me and my sister and brothers, and by the time we grew up and had children of our own, the book had been read so often it was in tatters. Thus, our search began for a new Tajar Tales storybook to read to the grandchildren. Anticipating the delight in store for our own children, and others who have never heard of the Tajar and his friends, Madam Witch and the Range Ranger, my sister, Jill Kerry, and I embarked on a journey to restore and bring back to life our favorite, most enchanting story.

Tajar's Classic Works Publishing Story

Publisher Jenelle Macknight Sparks (left) has a doctorate degree in Education and has spent most of her teaching career working with gifted elementary and middle school students. Watercolorist Jill Kerry (right) has a bachelors degree in the Fine Arts. For many years she has been involved with the Young Americans, a group that provides music education and performance opportunities to young people around the world. Both sisters are passionate about including the fine arts in education.

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